Are Ghosts Real? A Scientific View Point

Are ghosts real? Is a question that many people will have asked themselves, through there life time. It is impossible to get a true figure on the number of actual ghost sightings, videos or ghost pictures out there. This is because of a couple of reasons; there is no major organization that deals with ghost sightings and a vast majority of people would not report having seen a ghost, for obvious reasons.

However we can still find vast quantities of material that supports the theory, ghosts are real. If you type in; Google, Yahoo or any other search engines the words; are ghosts real? You will receive tens of millions of results in different forms. Such has ghost stories, videos and millions upon millions of ghost pictures.

To say all this evidence is false, would be crazy. It is similar to the debate, on weather there is other planets in our universe, capable of supporting life. Its common knowledge that there is literally billions of planets orbiting stars like our Sun. A majority of scientists are now starting to believe in life on other planets. Saying the odds are massively in favour of life on other planets. While they are yet to prove this as fact, this is largely down to our technology.

This is the same with trying to prove either for or against the question are ghosts real. People catch ghost like images either on camera or video. But in many cases we are unable to prove these images or videos being true. This again is down to our technology. Giving the speed in which technology is advancing, it maybe just a matter of a decade or so until we have the resources to prove that ghosts are real or not. Until then, we will have to draw our own conclusions on the unfathomable question. Are ghosts real?